Sue, 61

Sue has been having  treatment with Sophie for lipoedema. She has very swollen and tender legs which have significantly improved by her having one 60 minute treatment every other week.

quotemarksHaving received MLD from Sophie, I highly recommend her as a therapist. With a consummate passion for caring for her patients well-being both during therapy and afterwards, you know that the treatment you receive has been professionally administered. My own treatment was very successful and I shall be returning.”

Jill, 65

Jill has suffered from M.E. (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) for 10 years and comes for treatment with Sophie on a weekly basis for a 30 minute treatment to help boost her immune system.

quotemarksHaving tried a number of therapies over the years for my condition, with varying degrees of success, I'm happy to say that lymphatic massage as practised by Sophie seems to be making a difference to me. My recovery time is quicker and I've noticed a reduction in sore throats/swollen glands. I continue to see Sophie, hopeful that the improvements will continue.”

Jane, 57

Jane has breast cancer related lymphoedema where her left arm is extremely swollen and misshapen. Although Jane  is now clear of the cancer she has been left with discomfort and pain.

After an initial consultation the treatment begins with manual lymphatic drainage (MLD) massage, draining the fluid from Jane’s oedematous left arm to the nearest healthiest lymph nodes. In this case, sending the lymph fluid to the right side of her chest.

After the treatment, Jane then had her swollen arm bandaged using multi layer compression bandages. This intensive stage is repeated every day for three weeks or until the swelling has reduced in volume.

quotemarksJane has lost the tight heavy feeling in her arm and is extremely pleased with the look and mobility of her arm. Jane's arm is maintained by having monthly MLD treatments in addition to wearing a compression garment.”

Charlotte, 28

After an operation to correct a ligament problem in Charlotte’s ankle she was left with a large red uneven scar. It was painful, inflamed and wasn’t healing properly.

The treatment included MLD involving intensive work around the scar on Charlotte’s ankle. This encouraged regeneration of the tissue, reduced any inflammation and swelling. Working along the scar helped soften and loosen the tissue. Treatment time varied between 30-45 minutes.

quotemarksAfter having treated Charlotte every day for a week the taut sensation and pain had disappeared. Her scar had healed, was pale in colour and the cosmetic appearance was improved greatly.”